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I have been blessed to have assisted so many great clients that I can’t even recall. During this long journey some became great friends, so great that we consider each other part of our families. I am sure that I will not be able to recall all of them but I cherish & will always cherish the memories we have shared together especially on completion of a project. Stay blessed & Peace all

I have had been working on websites since the early 90s. My company SEO Empire was founded is 2005 & since then I  had worked with over 100+ developers in different times.

Zeeshan had been part of SEO Empire for the last 10 years & I am so fortunate to have him. He is the one on whom I rely, whenever we are stuck or on a tight deadline. Just to put it simply, he is the BEST DEVELOPER I had worked with since late 90’s.  

This is the reason why he is SEO Empire’s HEAD OF DEVELOPMENT & oversees any type of development we are implementing ranging from mere websites to complex mobile applications. 

Thank you Syed for being with us & we will continue to prosper together. 

Craig Winder

Founder & CEO, SEO Empire

“Syed is professional and knowledgeable and is adaptable to work with tools that are most relevant to your site. We’ve already lined him up for a larger project.”

“Syed is a resilient problem solver and always kept our customer front of mind when making changes to our website. We look forward to working with him again in the future.”

Michael ofei

Co-Founder & Author, The Minimalist Vegan

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